When starting a new website or an online business, it is important to handle the technical side with care. Acquiring clients and maintaining them is hard. But if you have technical glitches and slow loading time, it will become even harder to convert your visitors into paying customers.

For a new business, money is always tight. So, it is important to use it wisely, and this is where prudent planning will help you get the right hosting plan. While you cannot skimp and choose the cheapest plan, there is no value in taking a higher-priced plan if the features are of no use to you.

 In this article, we will tell you the main difference between a VPS and Reseller Hosting Server so you can figure out which one works best for your business.

There are three important components for a good hosting plan: good page load speeds, reduced downtime and great support system.

A Reseller hosting Server, as the name implies, is good for those who want to get into the business of reselling hosting place. You purchase the bandwidth and space in bulk and sell to others for profit. A good hosting system provides built-in features to help you create custom packages and rent it to clients. Think of it like a using a white label service. Apart from being a good business model to generate revenue, it also helps you manage running different sites for clients.

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is a mix of a dedicated hosting a shared hosting system. In a typical VPS hosting system, a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers and each client is given one. So, even though there are multiple clients on the same server, they are not sharing disk space or CPU or any other component. Due to the virtual layer of separation, an owner can get root access to his server. In a typical VPS, you also get Web Host Manager through which you can create multiple accounts. The key difference between the VPS and Reseller Hosting Server is the business model. They create a Reseller hosting service from the ground up to be a business while a VPS is a better option to use when you run multiple high-profile secure websites.

If your business is creating and managing websites, you can opt for either depending on how you price and sell your service.

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