Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world. They have more titles, great technology and better streaming capability than any other service. I consider the American version of Netflix to be the best of all the other regionals. They also happen to be a better value for money than the European version.

 For example, in the UK, a fee of £7.49 gets a customer about 3000 releases while a £7.05 payment in America gives the regional audience more than 5600 movies and TV shows.

The US version of Netflix seems to be a better value for money than the UK version.

 But how do you access the US content if you are staying in the UK?

The easiest way to watch US Netflix in the UK is by using a reliable VPN service. Netflix has got a great system in place to detect and stop most of the common networks.

Technology lovers have created a few smart VPN networks have found a way around Netflix’s system. A good VPN is not enough for Netflix. It needs to be fast enough for 4K streaming and have enough servers in the US to allow for an uninterrupted experience.

 Few VPNs have survived and thrived when providing such a service. ExpressVPN is one service which is currently dominating the ‘Netflix-compatible’ VPN market. They have software that works with Smart TVs, smartphones, Chromecast, streaming sticks, Apple devices and Android and everything else.

ExpressVPN also has a special DNS service to handle devices that don’t allow for software intervention. You just need to change the DNS from your ISP to that of ExpressVPN and they will handle the traffic without giving out your real IP address.

 But be warned.

 Netflix has been on a rampage, shutting down access via proxy and VPNs and their Terms of Service has a clause that says they can terminate or restrict your account if they find you violating their restrictions. So, there is some amount of risk in using such tactics.

 But when you love watching the American version so much, you are bound to ignore such warnings. After all, you are paying for a service.

NordVPN is another VPN service that works well for Netflix watchers. Their service standards are like ExpressVPN and they follow similar protocols to ensure their customers can always watch high bandwidth content without worry about throttling.

With this simple technique, you can now relish the richer American version, for a small price.

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